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Venus Scrub 430g

Get silky, dewy, nourished skin instantly from this zesty scrub. This is a fantastic exfoliation that will renew your skin. Using our luxury Mama Sea Salts, soyabean, wheatgerm, bergamot and…


Venus Glow Scrub

Get ready to take your skin to a whole new level! Our Venus zesty scrub with an added spark. This exfoliation experience has added mica minerals which will leave an extra sparkle on your skin. Perfect for that special occasion. VENUS GLOW Dead Sea Salt (Mortuus mare salis), Himalayan Mountain Salt (Himalayan monte Sal), Soya bean oil (Soya faba quoque olei), Bergamot oil (Bergamot oleum), Grapefruit oil (Grapefruit oleum), Mica powder sparkle (Pulveris Micha coruscant). Our scrubs are packaged in 8oz recyclable, reusable glass jars.  


Pomona Coffee Scrub

Start your morning routine with this Coffee and cinnamon scrub. This exfoliant is a powerful stimulant on the circulatory system. The Caffiene in the scrub is excellent for reducing the visibility of cellulite while the healing oils of wheatgerm and soyabean gives nourishment and suppleness to your skin. Cinnamon spice creates an antioxidant and anti inflammatory effect. This combination along with our luxury salts and oils creates a truly remarkable experience. POMONA Dead Sea Salt (Mortuus mare Sal), Himalayan mountain Salt (Himalayan monte Sal), Ground Coffee beans (Terram capulus fabam), Soya bean oil (Soya faba quoque olei), Cinnamon spice (Cinnamomum spice), Cinnamon oil (Cinnamomum oleum). Our scrubs are packaged in 8oz recyclable, reusable glass jars.