Poseidon Bath Salts 530

Poseidon Bath Salts 530
  • Deeply therapeutic for aching, tired muscles. Using a combination of Dead Sea Salt, Himalayan Salt, Epsom salt, Rosemary and Eucalyptus essential oils. Let your body soak away all tension as the powerful healing salts and stimulating oils will detoxify and restore balance into your body.


Dead Sea Salt (Mortuus mare salis), Himalayan Mountain Salt (Himalayan monte Sal), Epsom Salt (Sal
Epsom), bicarbonate of soda (Bicarbonate nitri), Rosemary oil (Rosmarinus oleum), Eucalyptus oil
(Eucalyptus oleum), soya bean oil (Soya faba quoque olei), Wheatgerm oil (Wheatgerm oleum), Mica
powder (Pulveris Micha).
All our salts are packaged in 1lbs recyclable, reusable glass.